Party Hard 2: Alien Butt Form Pushes the Party into Extra Time

Despite the name, there aren’t a great many butts in Alien Butt Form, Party Hard 2’s five-level piece of downloadable content.

But if you enjoyed Party Hard and Party Hard 2, both of which see you stabbing your way through a number of gatherings, you’ll find more of the same here.

Alien Butt Form introduces three new characters, all of whom would be at home in any 80s movie. There’s an ass-kicking, baseball bat-wielding party girl, supposedly the girlfriend of the main game’s antagonist, a lunatic in a frog costume and a dog who’s so poorly mistreated by his owner that you almost can’t blame him for going on a murderous rampage.

The new levels, which include a parking garage and a flying saucer, are entertaining enough to make your way through. Annoyingly though, the game only initially lets you play as one protagonist per level. It may be that finishing Alien Butt Form lets you use any character on any level, but I hit a number of bugs in the last level which meant I couldn’t complete it. What’s appealing about Party Hard 2, and by extension Alien Butt Form, is how it blends 2D sprites with 3D levels. It looks a bit odd initially, but it’s hard not to warm to the unique feel it gives the game.

If you’ve played Party Hard 2 to death and are looking for something to push the party into extra time, then this DLC pack should fit the bill. Playing as a dog and being able to outrun the police every time certainly made me grin. Alien Butt Form may be lacking in arses, but provided the DLC’s bugs are fixed at some point, there’s plenty of crazy, murderous fun to be found here.

Party Hard 2 and its Alien Butt Form DLC are available on PC.