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1Is Emperor Palpatine still alive?

Palpatine was the evil mind behind the rise of the Empire.

From manipulating Anakin Skywalker and killing countless Jedi, to creating a whole war and enslaving the Wookies of Kashyyyk (which may be the worst thing of all), the Emperor is the biggest villain ever within the world of Star Wars.

Whether it’s the prequels, original trilogy, canon comics and novels, or the Extended Universe, one thing has never changed: Palpatine’s ability to manipulate all around him, and even the Force itself. Now it appears that Rise of Skywalker will add to the Emperor’s story, which is definitely a surprising move considering he was thrown down the Death Star’s reactor in Return of the Jedi.

But the Star Wars galaxy is large, and full of untold mysteries. Palpatine himself was intent on searching the Unknown Regions of the galaxy, despite the dangers, and managed to plot a route for the Empire to explore. So, just like the Emperor, we’ll be plotting a route through the Star Wars canon to examine seven different ways that Palpatine could still be alive (or at least, be present) within The Rise of Skywalker.

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