2Rey and Palpatine’s connection to Jakku

Much of the Aftermath trilogy, written by Chuck Wendig, follows the events after Return of the Jedi which lead to The Force Awakens. Valco Pandion, who declared himself as Grand Moff after the death of Palpatine, aimed to unify the different splinter organisations that had become of the Empire, and join them together. Despite not being Force sensitive Valco was highly interested in Force artifacts, especially those of The Emperor.

This interest lead Valco to Jakku, where Palpatine had a secret base set up, one made as a ‘contingency plan’. When examining the range of artifacts in this base he is confronted, and there is an eventual Force explosion due to these artifacts being destroyed (no one really noticed as the Battle of Jakku was taking place during the same time).

Interestingly a type of “Force wave” is described just after this explosion. Rey, living on Jakku as a young girl at this point, could have been impacted by this. Could this be the cause of Rey’s Force powers? If so, maybe there is a Force connection between the two?

Plus, in the extended universe, there were examples of the Emperor having different partners. Could Palpatine actually be Rey’s grandparent, or parent? Surely it’s not just a coincidence that Palpatine often visited Jakku, even setting up a base there, and then Rey discovers she is Force sensitive years later?