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2Zarya (Overwatch)

Hailing from the ever-popular Overwatch, Zarya is a fairly new character in the world of video games. Zarya, whose full name is Aleksandra Zaryanova, was born in a Siberian village right in the middle of a war. After the conflict was over, her home was in ruins and she swore to always protect her family and friends should such a thing ever happen again. After years of bodybuilding, Zarya grew extremely powerful (an understatement, to be sure.) Then, when her home was forced into war again, she rushed to protect them.

Zarya’s spot on this list needs no justification. Nothing says “powerhouse” like a woman who can easily lift a particle cannon above her pink-pixie-cut-laden head. With a harsh childhood that prepared her for war, Zarya is the true definition of a woman who can take care of herself. She fits well alongside her fellow Overwatch heroes who almost made this list. Looking at you Mercy, Pharah, Tracer and Mei.