Team17 Announces Automachef, An Engineering Puzzle Game About Cooking

Think standard kitchens are too simple? That humans can’t be trusted with such complex tasks like cooking? Enter Automachef.

Announced today from Team17 in partnership with Hemes Interactive, Automachef is a puzzle game all about creating production lines. Starting out pretty simple, players will be tasked with fashioning fully-automated kitchens, capable of creating a range of culinary delights.

As you move through the game, though, things get more difficult. Just look at some of the crazy contraptions in the trailer below. It’s a game that looks to require skill, patience and a technical mind, as well as being able to balance a variety of requirements. It’s not just about the outcome; players will also have to monitor how much energy they’re using and the amount of ingredients each of their creations will need.


Automachef has three different modes. Campaign mode allows you to play through a series of pre-set challenges, Contracts Mode allows you to build your own business, and Test Site Mode acts more like a sandbox, allowing players to take free reign. No matter what mode you’re tackling, you’ll need your wits about you.

Automachef is coming to Nintendo Switch and Steam in “Summer 2019”. No specific release date has been announced yet, but we’ll update you once we know. Check out the trailer below.