Tips For Getting Started in Rage 2

The sprawling world of Rage 2 is a lot busier, and a little less beige, than its predecessor.

Before heading out to conquer the wasteland and all of its wonders, here are a few tips to keep in mind when playing Rage 2.


Save Your Money

One thing you’ll notice quite early in Rage 2, is just how much money you need to pay for things, and how little you seem to earn in a given time segment. So, a great tip for Rage 2 is to be financially conscious.

It’s best not to spend your hard-earned money on items like ammo and basic gear that are easy to come by. Keep in mind what your goal is in the next mission or adventure. Heading out to a difficult Bandit hideout or Ark? Maybe it’s worth dropping some money on health items. Just going out to explore and wander? Maybe you don’t need to completely stock up on all your resources. Keeping an eye on your money and spending it responsibly will mean you’re more prepared when something pops up in a shop that costs a few grand, but is worth the price.


Be Mindful of Enemy Level

When exploring the world of Rage 2, you’ll find a handful of activities that require you to eliminate enemies and explore areas. These include things like Arks and Bandit camps. When viewing certain locations on the map, you’ll see a small window pop up that gives you a description of the area, what items are there, and, in some cases, the difficulty level of that area.

Now, there isn’t a direct way to gauge your overall level in Rage 2, but that doesn’t mean you should outright ignore the enemy ratings of these areas. While you might not feel a discernible difference between a level 2 and 3, you will undoubtedly see a difference between level 3 and level 7. Make sure you pay attention to these ratings, and take time to prepare in terms of ammo, supplies, etc.


Utilise Your Scan Ability

One of the main functions of the Ranger armour is your ‘Scan’ ability, defaulted to the left shoulder button. Not only does this proc your Ranger special abilities (like the push and ground pound), it also scans the environment, marks enemies, gives you information about your surrounding area/objective, and two other very useful tricks.

If you use this out in the open of the map, you’ll be able to see blue-ish/light purple-ish trials in the sky. These mark the locations of Arks, which house powerful abilities and weapons that will upgrade your kit substantially. The trials disappear after a bit, so you can’t mark them on the map by any means, you’ll have to periodically check, or just keep a general direction in mind.

On top of that, you can use this ability to draw in bits of Feltrite that you find in crates or after killing an enemy. This is a crucial bit to keep in mind, especially when deep behind enemy lines with little to no health and no resources. Remember to utilise this ability in those situations, as those bits of Feltrite will heal you! When your back is against the wall, and survival seems like a longshot, dig in and make use of this. Remember it not only pulls in some heals for you, it marks enemies through walls.


Don’t Be Scared to Use Your Powers

In Rage 2, you craft a fun and respectable power loadout over time. Whether it’s your Overdrive, one of your lesser Ranger abilities, or a passive one you’ve unlocked via the skill trees, use it! It might seem like the exact moment needs to be found to make the best use of something like the ground pound, but sometimes it just needs to be done. Plus, it just feels good to clear an area that way.

The ability recharge rate in Rage 2 is quite generous, and you aren’t penalised with a huge downtime, even when using your Overdrive. Speaking of Overdrive, that’s another good way to regen health in a dire situation. Even if you don’t use it to kill enemies, make use of its regenerative powers.

When it comes to passive powers, it’s sometimes easy to forget they’re there. I highly suggest investing points to enhance your jumping ability. The double jump and extended double jump are priceless in given situations, especially since you can get the high ground and get the drop of a group of enemies. When it comes to exploring the world of Rage 2, take a word of advice from the title of the game itself. Don’t hesitate to unleash your powers and rage!


Explore Everywhere

Driving around the world of Rage 2, you’ll come across a lot of question marks on your map/compass. These mark undiscovered points of interest. It is worth exploring Rage 2‘s world in great detail, as you are very rarely left wanting on unrewarded for your adventures.

Maybe you’ll find a hidden Ark chest with a sweet component you’ve been looking for, or maybe you’ll stumble upon a hidden outpost that has a handful of data pads and some chests with some cash. Whatever it may be, that question mark on your map will more than likely be worth checking out, on almost every occasion. And one last thing. If you’re out exploring, and you’re way up on a mountain or rooftop, watch your step. If you’ve asked yourself, “Is there fall damage in Rage 2?”, the answer is yes, and it hurts.

As you explore the game world and start to learn more skills and enjoy the game and all it has to offer, make sure to turn to our many Rage 2 guides to get you up to speed and feeling more confident in your adventures.