Void Bastards Lands on PC and Xbox One Later This Month

Void Bastards 3 (1)

Void Bastards, the upcoming strategy shooter developed by Blue Manchu, will release on PC and Xbox One on 29th May.

Announced last November, Void Bastards challenges you to take control of a group of zany prisoners aboard the Void Ark. To ensure their survival, you’ll need to land on other ships as you move across a map, shooting and looting supplies from a first-person viewpoint.

We played Void Bastards recently, and found it very entertaining indeed. Think Bioshock but with the action split into bite-sized chunks. It’s in the game’s menus where the strategy happens; deciding where to go next, crafting items and upgrades etc. And when you land on a ship it’s all action, with plenty of humour thrown in for good measure.


Xbox Game Pass subscribers should be particularly happy about Void Bastards’ imminent release, as the game will join the service on day one. They’ll have no excuse to not try it. From what we’ve played of it though, we certainly think it may be worth buying for those who can’t play it via Game Pass. It hasn’t got a price yet, but we can’t imagine it being too expensive.

Check out a trailer for Void Bastards below.