War Tech Fighters Hits Consoles in June

War Tech Fighters 3

If you like big mechs and epic space battles, June might just be about to get more interesting for you.

War Tech Fighters, the sci-fi mech action game developed by Drakkar Dev that we wrote about last August, is hitting PS4, Xbox and Switch on 27th June. It has been available on PC since last July, and user reviews have been mostly positive.

Completing missions and making your mech your own is what War Tech fighters is all about. At range you have access to quick and heavy projectile attacks, and when they don’t do the job homing missiles are at hand. Nothing is quite as satisfying as wrecking enemies with your brute strength though, and there are ample melee finisher attacks to make you feel like a badass.


It’s back in the hangar where the fun for many will really happen though. Using the cash earned from completing missions, over 180 upgradeable parts and systems can be purchased to make your mech more formidable in battle. There are thousands of paint and livery options too, so you can really make your mech stand out.

The console version of War Tech Fighters exclusively features the Archangel War Tech special set, which includes the Glory Sword, Redemption Halberd and Faith Shield. They’ll be available right at the start of the game to help you along your way. And the game won’t damage your bank balance too much, either. It’ll only cost £15.99/$19.99 at launch.