What Does Collecting Rings Do in Team Sonic Racing?

team sonic racing 3

As you race around the track in Team Sonic Racing, you’ll probably attempt to collect rings just out of habit.

The truth is, collecting rings is beneficial to you in Team Sonic Racing. The game just doesn’t explain why very well.

Collecting rings is very important as you race as it increases your top speed, enabling you to speed past your opponents and maintain the lead. though of course, if you get hit by a weapon or crash, you lose your rings and have to collect them again.


Increasing your score is another reason to collect rings. At the end of each event, your score is tallied up taking into consideration a number of factors, and one of those is how many rings you’re holding when you cross the finish line. The more rings you have, the higher your score. And the higher your score, the more credits you receive. So, it’s always worth trying to collect rings and keep hold of them.

There are also events where collecting rings while drifting adds time to the clock. These events can prove to be very difficult, but be aware that you can drift just after collecting rings and still get the time bonus. Every little helps!