Which Difficulty Should You Play Team Sonic Racing On?

team sonic racing

As you play Team Sonic Racing, you might be asked to select a difficulty from time to time.

There are three difficulties available in Team Sonic Racing – Normal, Hard and Expert – and each one changes the gameplay in numerous ways.

Firstly, the higher the difficulty, the faster the game. If you’re playing on normal and finding the action a bit slow, turning up the difficulty will speed things up a little, making it more exciting. Increasing the difficulty also makes your opponents a bit cleverer too, but as long as you’re able to handle the speed, they still shouldn’t pose much of a challenge.


The benefit of playing on a higher difficulty, aside from the game being quicker and more fun to play, is that your score at the end of each event gets increased by a multiplier. And the higher your score, the more credits you earn. By playing on a higher difficulty then, you’ll be able to unlock customisation items via Mod Pods at a quicker rate.

When playing through Team Sonic Racing‘s team Adventure mode, you might find that you can’t play on Expert straight away. By completing events on Hard difficulty, however, Expert should then become available. And if you want to unlock all of the game’s skins, completing Team Adventure on Expert difficulty is a must.