2Hellsing: Ultimate

Genre: Action

Created and released after the culmination of the original Hellsing anime, Hellsing: Ultimate more closely follows the storyline of the manga. This show follows the battle between the undead, and those who control them, fighting against Hellsing, a powerful organisation headed by Integra. Utilising her all-powerful weapon Alucard, a vampire who fights against his own, she is determined to demolish this threat to mankind.

With over-the-top action, striking dialogue, beautiful setpieces, and a tremendous score, Hellsing: Ultimate would translate into a fantastic action game. Whether you play through mission-by-mission, or let the player have a semi-open world in which to find quests, progress the story, or practice their skills, a game set in this universe has the potential to be flashy, engaging, and all-together exciting.