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10 Things You Might Have Missed in the Breath of the Wild Sequel Reveal

“Help us, please”

At around the 27 second mark of the trailer a voice can be heard, but it’s almost indistinguishable due to it being much quieter than the sound effects and music. However, a SoundClound user named charlie2beards uploaded the sound footage from the trailer, but reversed it. At the 46 second mark of this clip, the plea “help us, please” can be clearly heard.

The return of Ganon

There are a few hints in the Breath of the Wild sequel teaser that suggests Ganon will be making a return. We see these cave paintings, clearly showing the figure of Ganon. There’s also a skeleton-looking figure, which has a few noticeable traits. Firstly, it seems to be shrouded in a cape (as well as Malice) which Ganon has worn in previous Zelda games before. It even has the Gerudo symbol on it. Secondly, Ganon is clearly wearing jewellery, and a lot of it harks back to what Ganon wore in titles such as Twilight Princess.

Demise’s Shadow

At one moment of the trailer, a shadow is clearly displayed. This outline looks exactly like that of Demise. In Skyward Sword, Demise states “this is not the end” and that his hate “never perishes”. Perhaps this is the time for Demise to return, and not just through the hate of Ganon, but as a separate character once more.

Ganon’s injury

At one point the Breath of the Wild sequel trailer shows a close up of Ganon after what looks like a reincarnation. Noticeably, there is a type of circular hole in the middle of the headgear. This could just be decoration, or it could hark back to (spoilers for Wind Waker!) the ending of Wind Waker where Link stabs Ganon. Perhaps the glow represents the good in the Master Sword.

The mysterious arm

Previously, the most mysterious arm in the Zelda series belonged to a character we only know as “???”, whose hand appeared in Majora’s Mask and Oracle of Ages. But this arm shares noticeable similarities to the art designs within Twilight Princess, especially seen in the Twilight Realm.

Link also has this mysterious arm

In the middle of the trailer there are various quick cuts to interesting snippets. One of the most intriguing parts is the quick scene where Link also has a glowing arm, one that looks very similar to the arm from before, minus the golden decoration. Link’s expression shows a lot of pain, which indicates that this may be some form of evil power.

A secret entrance

A type of entrance can be seen within one of the quick cuts, and it looks very ominous. It also shares the art style of Hyrule Castle within Breath of the Wild. This could indicate that the entrance was not previously included, or that it’s somewhere players weren’t allowed to find – perhaps Ganon’s true hiding place?

Something is happening to Hyrule Castle

Near the end of the Breath of the Wild sequel trailer, it cuts to a familiar view of Hyrule Field – a scene we’ve seen many times before in Breath of the Wild. A flock of birds quickly fly away and a rumbling begins. At this moment the camera starts to shake, and lots of dust can be seen around Hyrule Castle. All of this indicates that something is about to happen to Hyrule Castle.

The Heart Beat

At the beginning and ending of the trailer, a heart beat can be clearly heard. This heart beat may be that of Ganon’s, but seeing as the trailer shows Ganon’s reincarnation, that wouldn’t explain the heart beat at the beginning. Perhaps it is Demise’s heart beat?

The music

There’s a very choppy style of music included within the trailer, and it isn’t completely new. A similar style of music was used in the Hyrule Castle sections of Wind Waker before the Master Sword is found. The music is also reminiscent of Twilight Princess’ music, especially when in the Twilight Realm.

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