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Bethesda E3 2019 (1)

Bethesda E3 2019 Briefing: Liveblog

E3 2019 has kicked off, and after Microsoft’s brilliant show Bethesda is up next.

Taking place at 1:30am BST (8:30pm ET/5:30pm PT), you’d better tune in if you want to see what Bethesda has up its sleeves for gamers in the near future.

We’re expecting to see more of DOOM Eternal and Wolfenstein: Youngblood, perhaps some DLC for Rage 2 and Fallout 76, and hopefully some new game announcements. We might even find out more about The Elder Scrolls VI, though we wouldn’t count on it.

Join us here at 1:30am BST where we’ll be liveblogging the event, covering every announcement made by Bethesda onstage along with our initial reactions and opinions. We’ll see you then!

Jun 10th, 2:49 AM
That’s it folks. Thanks for tuning in. Adios until the next conference!


Jun 10th, 2:47 AM
New multiplayer mode for DOOM Eternal. Battlemode allows two demons to take on one slayer. Each demon has unique attacks and abilities.


Jun 10th, 2:45 AM
Looks like there might be a bit more emphasis on platforming in DOOM Eternal. Still lots of killing to be done though. Launching 22nd November. Collector’s edition includes a helmet.


Jun 10th, 2:36 AM
Now it’s time for DOOM Eternal. This game looks too good. I can’t wait! Will take you from Heaven to Hell, but it’s all about gameplay. Nothing can stand in your way.


Jun 10th, 2:32 AM
Orion introduced, a breakthrough in streaming technology. Will improve streaming performance regardless of platform. Up to 20% faster per frame. 40% lower bandwidth. Streaming games will be faster and better with Orion. Can stream DOOM at 60fps without any perceptible lag.


Jun 10th, 2:26 AM
Deathloop announced. Developed by Arkane Studios. Can play as Colt or Juliana. Looks very stylish.


Jun 10th, 2:20 AM
Wolfenstein Youngblood. Gameplay experience bigger than ever before. More weapons and more options. Kill with a friend in co-op. Set two decades after The New Colossus. Need to find BJ Blazkovicz. Game looks mental, and by that I mean awesome. Out July 26th.


Jun 10th, 2:17 AM
Wolfenstein Cyberpilot brings Wolfenstein to VR. Available this July. Take control of Nazi machines and turn them against them.


Jun 10th, 2:16 AM
New features rolling out to Rage 2 this week. Sandworm, new cheat codes, pilotable mech and new vehicles being added. Rise of the Ghosts expansion on its way, adding yet more vehicles and content as well as a new story.


Jun 10th, 2:14 AM
The Elder Scrolls Legends next expansion Moons of Elsweyr available 27th June.


Jun 10th, 2:10 AM
Commander Keen announced. A free-to-play mobile game. Looks like a cartoon. Need to use gadgets to get through the environment. Has a story mode. Can play as Billy or Billie. Launches this summer on iOS and Android. Go to Gokeen.com to register.


Jun 10th, 2:06 AM
Now for some The Elder Scrolls Online news. The Elder Scrolls Online Dragonhold announced. Also Scalebreaker. More story content! Probably a good time to play the game.


Jun 10th. 1:56 AM
Shinji Mikami now on stage. Ghostwire Tokyo announced, an action adventure game in which you combat supernatural evil. Can you find out why people are disappearing across Tokyo? Looks very mysterious.


Jun 10th, 1:50 AM
Bethesda still hard at work on Starfield and The Elder Scrolls VI.


Jun 10th, 1:49 AM
Back to Fallout 76. Wastelanders update coming, which will fundamentally change the game. It adds NPCs to the game! Also a new quest line and rewards. Maybe it’s time to try the game again? Coming this fall. Will be free. Fallout 76 free trial starting tomorrow. Ends on 17th June. Includes new battle royale game mode: Nuclear Winter.


Jun 10th, 1:42 AM
More on The Elder Scrolls Blades now though. Releasing biggest update for the mobile game yet, including new jewellery system and dragon quest line. Available now. Also coming to Switch later this year. And it’ll still be free.


Jun 10th, 1:39 AM
Here we go! First up is Todd Howard with Fallout 76. Criticism was well-deserved, but the team has continued to work on it. More in store this year.


Jun 10th, 1:28 AM
Bethesda’s E3 conference will be beginning very soon. Are we all excited?

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