Bomb Defusal Game Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is Headed to Mobile

No you idiot, I said you’re not your. And that symbol does not look like a dancing chicken.

That’s just an example of the kinds of conversations you’ll have with your friends when you pick up the bomb defusal game Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes.


Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is a multiplayer bomb defusal game from Steel Crate Games. According to a recent Tweet from their official twitter, this awesome party game will soon be headed to mobile.

In the game there are two playable roles. The bomb defuser and the bomb defusal manual reader. The bomb defuser tell the manual reader all about what modules are on the bomb that needs to be defused and the reader tells the other person how to defuse it. After that it’s just a game of trust and understanding.

Now on mobile, players will be able to bring their bombs with them everywhere! Although I wouldn’t recommend playing it on an airplane.

Look out for Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes coming soon to mobile.