Collection of Mana Now Available on the Switch eShop

Collection of Mana (1)

If you like classic JRPGS, Square Enix has a treat for you if you own a Nintendo Switch: Collection of Mana.

Available now on the eShop for £34.99/$39.99, Collection of Mana bundles up Final Fantasy Adventure/Mystic Quest, Secret of Mana and Trials of Mana in their original form. That’s three full JRPGs for you to play though, and every one of them is highly regarded.

Each game in Collection of Mana has a handy quick save feature, giving you the freedom to dip in and out of them as you please, and both Secret of Mana and Trials of Mana also support local multiplayer. Three players can adventure together in Secret of Mana, and two in Trials of Mana.

A limited physical release of Collection of Mana will be available on the Square Enix Store and selected retailers from August 27.

In related news, Trials of Mana is also set to receive a remake, which will be released early next year on PS4, Switch and Steam. Revamped with modern 3D graphics, it’ll provide fans a new way to experience the game. You can watch a trailer for it below.