Craft Your Own Paradise in The Sims 4’s New Island Living Expansion Pack

Slather on some sun screen and hit the waves in The Sims 4‘s newest expansion.

The Sims 4′s latest expansion, Island Living, will allow players to build their own little paradise and give their Sims a much needed vacation. Players will head to the beautiful island of Sulani where your characters will be able to build crazy sandcastles, take a zip ride alongside a pod of dolphins, explore the scenery via boat and much more.

Of course you’ve got to make money somehow so your Sims will also be able to take on some work while they’re on the island. There are some new career choices that they can explore like lifeguard watching over beach goers or a conservationist cleaning up the bleach. The more care that the Sims put into their environment after all, the more beautiful the island will be.


Sulani also has some fascinating island culture for the Sims to discover and interact with including local folklore, tropical delicacies and ancestors from the island.

You’ll be dressing you characters up in vacation appropriate tropical clothing while they sleep and spend time in their oasis inspired homes.

The Sims 4 Island Living expansion pack is out now for PC and headed to consoles on July 16th.