Ghost Face Gets Some Much Needed Changes on Dead by Daylight’s PTB

A few days ago Ghost Face got some really valuable changes on Dead by Daylight‘s PTB.

When Ghost Face launched on the PTB, players were less than enthusiastic about his abilities. Ghost Face encourages players to be stealthy. Unlike Myers, Ghost Face’s entire ability can be canceled if he’s seen by survivors which made this ability very weak.

The Dead by Daylight team took players’ complaints to heart and have made some really good changes to the characters’ abilities. I know I’ve gone from not being interested in the character, to being excited for his release on the 18th.


Here are the big changes to Ghost Face:

Audio Changes

  • The global audio cue when activating Night Shroud has been removed
  • The range of Ghost Face’s audio has been reduced to 8m from 16m when Night Shroud is active


  • Reduced detection zone
  • Added a buffer before the reveal phase to prevent survivors from spinning their camera to reveal Ghost Face
  • Increased detection time to 1.5 seconds from 1 second
  • Increased the amount of time that the killer needs to be visible in order to begin revealing
  • The detection zone while crouched has been tweaked and is now closer to the top of his head, making him harder to detect while crouched.
  • The off-screen detection indicator is now visible for the entire duration of the reveal phase.
  • Ghost Face will now receive a short Killer Instinct effect on the survivor that revealed them.
  • Night Shroud will now hide the red stain at all times rather than only while crouched
  • Increased crouch speed to 3/6m/s from 3/45m/s
  • Fixed an issue that allowed survivors to reveal ghost face before Night Shroud was active.


  • Stalk progress no longer regresses over time and is instead reset when the survivor is marked, hit or downed.
  • Increased the duration of the exposed effect to 45 seconds from 20 seconds.

All of these changes have made Ghost Face a much more viable choice and a truly devious killer. Look out for his full release onto the game on June 18th.

And check out his reveal trailer below.