Here Are Some of the Biggest Announcements from Dead by Daylight’s 3 Year Anniversary Livestream

It’s going to be an exciting year for Dead by Daylight.

Behaviour Interactive has just wrapped up their 3 year anniversary livestream celebrating three years of Dead by Daylight. The team had a lot to share with the fans of the game and the gaming community so we’ve put together a list of everything you missed if you couldn’t catch the livestream.

The Year 4 Road Map

The first thing that the Dead by Daylight team covered on their livestream was their year 4 road map. This is a map that highlights everything that is set to come so far for the fourth year in Dead by Daylight. This includes new killers, new survivors, new maps and much much more. Here’s what the road map is looking like:

As you can see there’s a lot of stuff planned for this year. Let’s go over more of these exciting things in detail.


During the livestream the Dead by Daylight team discussed that one of the biggest things that players want is more story and more lore for the game. We know very little about the characters, only getting to read a bit about them in their character history. The new game mode Archives will be the players’ chance to learn more about these beloved characters.

Here are some things that you can expect from The Archives:

  • New Quests and Missions: There will be a web of different quests and missions for players to try and complete in order to unlock blood points, new cosmetics and more. The example given was “Catch a survivor in a trap right after they’ve vaulted.”
  • Charms: These will be equippable on a survivor’s belt or on killers’ hooks. These are unlocked by completing each difficulty of the Archive web. There are four difficulties for each Archive. If you aren’t able to complete all four difficulties of the Archive before the next one launches, you’ll still be able to access it indefinitely.
  • The Rift: This will come alongside the Archive but will only last for three months until the next Archive. The Rift will allow players to unlock more cosmetics.

There isn’t an exact date for the release of Archives yet, but the tentative date is around the time that Chapter 13 releases.

Freddy Rework

It’s well-known that Freddy is one of the weaker killers in Dead by Daylight so Behavior Interactive has decided to completely rework him to make him a more valid choice in the game. Here are some of the big changes coming to Freddy:

The Dream Demon Ability

  • Sleep Cycle
    • Micro Sleep: When a survivor is awake Freddy will blink in and out of visibility.  At a certain distance he will be completely invisible. Survivors will also hear the terror radius rather than the lullaby. And Freddy himself will be able to hit survivors right away rather than them having to be asleep.
    • New Sleep Timer: Survivors will fall asleep passively over time. After survivors fall asleep Freddy will be visible and they will hear the lullaby.
    • Dream Object: When you fall asleep you can interact with this dream object in order to wake yourself up if you aren’t able to find a survivor or fail a skill check.
  • Dream Abilities
    • Dream Pallets: You can place dream pallets on spawn points throughout the map, awake survivors won’t see these pallets. The survivors will have to try and remember which ones weren’t there and if they pull down a fake pallet they will be injured.
    • Dream Snare: You can use a snare during a chase for sleeping survivors. If the survivor walks over the snare they will be slowed while the trap is active and the effect will linger for a certain amount of time afterwards.
    • Generator Teleport: This ability allows you to aim at a generator and after five seconds you’ll appear at the generator. It will explode in blood and a husk of Freddy will appear at the generator just before he teleports. Freddy can use this ability during a chase.

Map Updates

Today’s live stream features a lot of talk about map reworks, map updates and more. Here’s a list of some of the biggest things that were talked about in terms of map updates.

  • Reworking Pallet Loops: The team will be removing infinite pallet loops, replacing them with smaller more manageable loops. Note: This will put into effect to make loops a little less valuable for survivors. This is to promote more skill-based gameplay. With overly safe loops there is less game enjoyment for the players and more of the same repetitive gameplay.
  • Hiding Totems: This will make totems more difficult to find around the map putting more value on Hex abilities.
  • Removing Hostage Locations: There are spots on many maps where players can get stuck if a killer comes up behind them making it impossible for them to escape. The team will be working on making sure there aren’t any of these hostage spots on maps.
  • New Map Tiles: Maps will now be getting multiple map tiles. Tiles will be different layouts of the same map. The Badham preschool for example will still have the houses and the school but they may be located in different places. This will keep survivors on their toes.
  • Relaunch: Every time a map gets a new update players should expect the map to be featured for a few days to highlight the changes.

Chapter 12 – Ghost Face

Behaviour Interactive left the best part of the livestream for last with the new introduction for Dead by Daylight’s new killer Ghost Face. Here’s a description of Ghost Face’s ability and perks as he is now. This is subject to change after the PTB.

Main Ability: Night shroud – This is a full stealth ability combining what players have come to expect from The Shape and The Pig. When Ghost Face goes into his ability his terror radius is reduced to zero. He will move at his normal speed. He also stops admitting his red stain making him much harder to detect. He will also be able to lean around corners and peek rather than having to fully reveal himself. When Ghost Face’s ability is active if he stalks a survivor for four seconds he is able to put a “mark” on them leaving them vulnerable to damage for 20 seconds.

When it comes to the survivors, they will be able to deactivate Ghost Face’s ability if they spot him. This will reset his ability and start the cooldown over.

The Three Perks:

  • I’m All Ears: If a survivor performs a rushed action outside of the killer’s terror radius their aura will show for 6 seconds.
  • Thrilling Tremors: When you pick up a downed survivor or interrupt a survivor it will lock any generators not being worked on by a survivor for 16 seconds. All of the generators affected by this perk are highlighted in white for the duration allowing the killer to see which generators are potentially still being worked on.
  • Furtive Chase: An obsession perk. When the killer hooks their obsession they gain up to four tokens. For each token you have, it will reduce your terror radius by 4 meters when in a chase. The next player to unhook that person will become the new obsession.

Other Fun Things

  • Friend Queue: Players playing survive with friends will be able to stay in a group together rather than having to continuously make new lobby’s for every game.
  • There will be two new maps coming this year.
  • There will be a huge overhaul of visual updates including the way the dream world looks when players are asleep.
  • There is a confirmed double blood points weekend coming June 14th to June 18th.

Look out for Ghost Face coming to the PTB on PC on June 4th and to watch the full stream you can go here.