How Many Chapters Are There in Dragon Star Varnir?

Dragon Star Varnir 2 (1)

Like many RPGs, Dragon Star Varnir is split up into many chapters.

There are 11 chapters overall, and each will generally have you travelling somewhere to complete an objective. Many chapters can be completed in as a little as an hour, but most will take two to three hours depending on how meticulous you are when exploring and how much time you spend learning new skills and crafting elixirs. As such, expect your first playthrough of the game to take about 30 hours.

With multiple endings to obtain, you may find yourself playing through Dragon Star Varnir two or three times. Either that, or make a habit of creating a new save at the beginning of each chapter so you can go back and perhaps change the destiny of some of the characters in the game. Your actions in during the first 10 chapters are pivotal to obtaining the game’s true ending.