How to Change Your Starting Weapon in World War Z

World War Z 2

Are you playing World War Z and want to change your starting weapon? Here’s how to switch your shotgun for something else.

World War Z is heavily inspired by Left 4 Dead, but unlike Left 4 Dead you can’t swap out your weapons at the beginning of the level.

You can change your weapons if you come across new ones during the level, but the weapon you start with is tied to your class.

So, if you want to start with a different weapon, you need to change class.

To change your class, you need to go to the Lobby screen, and select “Change Class”. You then get to pick from one of six classes. Pick a class and look at the first of the “Core Perks”. This will tell you which weapons you start with as that class.

Class isn’t tied to character – you can still change your actual character but when you change class you’re stuck with whichever other perks that character has. So if you want to start with a shotgun, choose Hellraiser or Exterminator as your class.

Happy zombie-killing!

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