How to Fast Travel in The Sinking City

The Sinking City

The Sinking City’s Oakmont is a big place but you can save yourself a lot of foot and boat work by using fast travel. Here’s how.

Each district of Oakmont has a few fast travel points, in the shape of telephone boxes. The catch is that to unlock them you need to explore the district and walk up to them to unlock them for later use.

Once you have unlocked at least two fast travel points in The Sinking City, you can access them by going to a phone box and using the action button (left mouse button on PC) on the map stuck to the phone box.


You’ll then be shown the main map, with the fast travel points highlighted as white stars surrounded by a blue circle (you can’t fast travel from just anywhere).

Select any of those points and hold down the action button. A yellow circle will start to form around the fast travel point you’ve chosen. Keep the button held down.

Once the circle’s complete, you’ll go to a loading screen. When the game urges you to press a button, do so and you’ll be at your new chosen location.

Certain locations in will still need to be accessed by boat but it makes getting around The Sinking City‘s world a little easier.