How to Find and Defeat The Aurelionite in Risk of Rain 2

The Aurelionite is probably the most difficult boss you can face in Risk of Rain 2.

He may look like a fancy gold titan, but he’s actually a big pain in the arse. So why face him? For the street cred, for the loot, and for the challenge of course. How do you do this, I hear you ask. Well, the first step is finding him.

How to find The Aurelionite in Risk of Rain 2

You need to get to an area called The Gilded Coast. It’s a secret area, but it’s not actually that hard to get to. All you have to do is find a Golden Shrine and activate it before activating the teleporter. When you do this, it’ll say that a golden orb has appeared.


Once you have completed the teleporter event, instead of using the teleporter use the golden portal.

Once through the portal you will see lots of enemies, three cheap chests (one is underwater) and some wooden sticks (beacons) you can activate – but no Aurelionite. To get him to appear, you have to activate the beacons. But don’t do that yet! Make sure to grind up some cash so you can activate all seven of them in one go. He’ll spawn when you’ve activated four, but he’s immune to damage unless all are activated.

Fighting the Aurelionite in Risk of Rain 2

The Aurelionite is a big boy, a very big boy indeed. He has more health than a usual stone titan, he packs more of a punch and instead of spawning a fist on your location he spawns a series of spikes.

First of all, avoid his laser and his spikes at all cost. His laser can be stopped by scenery or by spawnable shields or walls. The spikes will spawn after a red circle appears on the ground, giving you time to avoid it.

Once you’ve got all the beacons activated, focus all your attack power on the Aurelionite. Obviously take no risks – he’s able to pretty much one-hit-kill most characters on most runs – but try and do your damage quickly, saving all your cooldowns for this window of opportunity.

If you are lucky you will have defeated him in this window. If not, he will once again become immune to damage and you will need to relight the beacons. This is easy enough to do, but you will have to avoid the big fella shooting lasers at you. If necessary, you can lead him into a corner away from other, quicker enemies. Use this time for your abilities and weapons to cool down if you can, and save them for round two once his immunity has gone again.

Repeat and rinse until the Aurelionite is defeated.

Once dead, a gold item will drop near the portal and you will notice the difficulty timer has stopped for the duration of your time in the Gilded Coast. Your fight with the Aurelionite will have made you stronger in comparison to when you went in. Well, providing you survived, of course.