How to Guarantee You’re Going to Get Camped in Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight‘s community can be pretty toxic.

There are general rules and regulations that most players try to follow.

If you’re the killer, no camping, no tunnelling, and respect the Koby. If you’re a survivor, don’t be a huge jerk.


We get it: you’re better than the killer. They can’t catch you. You’re faster than lightning. That doesn’t mean that it gives you can excuse to mock them every time you slam a pallet in their face.

If you are a huge jerk when you’re playing as a survivor in Dead By Daylight, there are certain things that will absolutely guarantee you’re going to get camped on the hook. Are you getting camped regularly? Here’s what you’re probably doing wrong.

Butt Dancing (Teabagging)

This is probably the top offence that makes me the most angry when I’m playing killer in Dead by Daylight. Something in my brain snaps before I suddenly see red and know that I’m going to try my hardest to camp a survivor. You’ve looped this person around the same pallet for a good five minutes straight and then suddenly, when you’re just about to catch up to them, they slam a pallet in your face and proceed to teabag.

A one-time offence is usually fine, but if I get looped and teabagged on a regular basis and suddenly three generators have already been finished and I haven’t hooked anyone yet, you bet your sweet butt dancing self that I’m going to camp the crap out of you. I can already hear all those survivor mains arguing that all they’re doing is playing the game – but mocking the killer for not being able to catch up to you isn’t you playing the game; it’s you being a butt face. Case closed.

Spamming Rushed Actions

This one at times can go hand-in-hand with the first item on this list. Spamming rushed actions in Dead By Daylight is one of those survivor things that tends to really grind my gears when I’m playing as killer. Every time a survivor performs a rushed action, whether it’s sliding over pallets or jumping in and out of lockers, the killer gets a sound notification as well as a little flash on their screen highlighting where the noise is coming from.

One time is fine, even twice – but if you’ve got a survivor in a back corner spamming rushed actions over and over and over you can bet that they’re just trying to lure you away from their teammates so that they can get the generators done. These survivors have probably already figured out that you might not be great at catching up to them during pallet loops or infinite killer shack runs, so it’s really just an excuse to camp the crap out of them when (or if) you finally catch up to them.

Looping for the Entire Match

There’s nothing wrong with looping a killer for a little while to try and get away from them, but there’s a certain point where you’re just being toxic. Being a survivor main myself, I understand the joy that comes from being able to stay away from the killer for a large portion of the game, but I also understand the pain for the killer who probably just wanted to have a nice, fair match.

And then there you are, the try-hard survivor who loops the killer for a whole 10 minutes while your teammates are finishing generator after generator. You might finally lose the killer just to run back to them to try and force them into another infinite loop. Just let them go. Just… let… them… go.

Point Farming Fellow Survivors

When I play as the killer in Dead By Daylight, sometimes if a game is going really bad for the survivors I’ll give them a little bit of a break. I know how difficult being a survivor is, especially if you’re playing by yourself and aren’t able to rely on your friends to help you. And that’s why, if you get point farmed, I’m going to let you go and pick on the person who wronged you.

If a survivor “point farms”, it means they’ve pulled someone off of a hook right in front of the killer, or really close to the killer, basically guaranteeing that the person who had been hooked is going to get knocked down again right away. Some killers may be nice and let you get away, oftentimes that isn’t the case. So, if you point farm a fellow survivor, I’m on their side. You’re probably going to get camped.

Gesturing at the Killer

This one goes hand-in-hand with teabagging. It’s pretty likely that if you’ve got a survivor teabagging you when they slam a pallet in your face, you’re probably going to have one pointing at you too. It’s very unsportsmanlike and just plain rude.

Now, the emotes are in the game for a reason, so you probably aren’t going to get camped just for pointing or gesturing towards the killer. You’re just using what the game wants you to use right? That’s fine, but if you’re the person who has done any of the four other things in this list plus pointing and gesturing, the likelihood of camping happening to you goes up about 50%. So watch out.