How to Use Xbox Game Pass for PC

Xbox Game Pass for PC (1)

Xbox Game Pass for PC is now in open beta, which means anyone can use it but they might encounter one or two issues.

With the cost of Xbox Game Pass for PC being reduced until it fully launches later this year, however, it’s worth jumping in right now, as there are plenty of great games to play via the service. There are some hoops you have to jump through first though.

To be able to use Xbox Game Pass for PC you need to be using Windows 10 and have it updated to the very latest version, build 1903. To update your PC, simply go into the settings menu, click on Update & Security, and then install any Windows updates that are available. Then, keep on manually checking for updates until the 1903 features update prompt appears. Download and install it.


Once the 1903 Windows 10 update has installed, you’re nearly ready for Xbox Game Pass for PC goodness. Open up the Windows Store and ensure that the Xbox (Beta) app is installed, then do a search for the Xbox Game Pass for PC (Beta) app and install that.

You’ll now find that when you open up the Xbox (Beta) app it has a Game Pass tab, and from there you can download games included in the PC version of Xbox Game Pass. Some games included in the service, such as The Messenger and Hotline Miami, don’t currently appear in the list, but if you do a search you can find and install them. Any games you download can be launched by clicking on their icon on the left hand side of the screen. Click here for a list of all games currently included.

If you don’t already have an Xbox Game Pass for PC subscription (it’s included in Xbox Game Pass Ultimate), you can subscribe via the app. At the moment it only costs £3.99/$4.99 a month, and your first month is a bargain at just £1/$1. When the service leaves beta later this year, the price will rise to £7.99/$9.99.