New DLC Brings Blood and Gore to Total War: Three Kingdoms

Total War Three Kingdoms

The true horror of war is set to be unleashed in the Three Kingdoms thanks to a new DLC pack for the latest Total War game.

Reign of Blood launches on 27th June for just £1.99/$2.99, and it brings rivers of blood to Total War: Three Kingdoms as well as graphic dismemberment. Want a taste of what to expect? Take a peek at the trailer below. Hope you’re not squeamish.


Buying the Reign of Blood DLC will introduce new effects, animations and kill-moves to Total War: Three Kingdoms, making it much more graphic. Whether you’re playing the campaign or enjoy enjoying a quick battle, everything will be a bit more grim. So, if you like the colour red and have a strong stomach for violence, next week should be a good one. If not, perhaps give the DLC a miss, eh?