New Harvest Moon Game, Mad Dash, is Coming This Autumn

There’s nothing more relaxing than watching your plants grow, your farm flourish and… alright, hurry it up, I ain’t got all day!

Natsume Inc. announced today the newest Harvest Moon title, Harvest Moon: Mad Dash will be available on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 will be available in autumn 2019.

Go solo or take along a few friends in this classic harvesting and farming game.


Players will feel right at home in Harvest Moon: Mad Dash, but will recognise a few changes to the gameplay that make things a little more fast-paced. You’ll be harvesting, fishing and more as you fulfill orders to complete each level.

Players will start out on the farm and the beach, but will eventually make their way to the underworld? Grow crops around molten lava and dodge other dangerous obstacles as the challenges just get more fierce.

Look out for more information on Harvest Moon: Mad Dash as it gets closer to its release date.