Online Racing Comes to Dangerous Driving in Free DLC

Dangerous Driving 4

Race online with five other drivers in the new update for Dangerous Driving.

Three Fields Entertainment revealed today a new update for Dangerous Driving that brings online racing to the game.

A spiritual successor to the Burnout franchise, Dangerous Driving released back in April with the aim to puts aggression back into the racing genre. The latest DLC aims to add more to the game’s initial launch experience by allowing players to compete against real opponents online.


Players can race against five other drivers in a series of 18 pre-set events. A ranking system awards points per race, so players must outwit and wreck their opponent to stay at the top of the leaderboard.

Future updates for the game will introduce new modes and features into online play.

Dangerous Driving is out now and for PC via the Epic Games Store, PS4 and Xbox One. The physical version, published by Maximum Games, is available for Xbox One and PS4, and includes bonus game Danger Zone 2.