Sci-fi Adventure Deliver Us The Moon is Coming to Consoles Later This Year

In a world where Earth’s resources are depleted, humanity must look to the stars for hope.

Wired Productions and KeokeN Interactive unveiled today a new partnership to bring the full release of space sci-fi adventure Deliver Us the Moon to PC and consoles this year.

Deliver Us the Moon is set in an apocalyptic near-future where nations have banded together to create the World Space Agency. This agency has been tasked with solving the Earth’s extreme energy crisis. The only solution they’ve reached so far is to colonise and exploit the moon’s natural reserves of Helium-3 energy. When the worst occurs and Earth loses communication with those on the Moon, everything is plunged into darkness. The new goal is to re-establish the Earth’s energy supply.

In the game, players will explore barren deserts, huge space stations and abandoned settlements all on the Moon’s zero-gravity surface. You play as a lone astronaut fighting to become the saviour of the human race. Players will have to piece together what caused the malfunction on the lunar colony and try to reconnect somehow with Earth.

Deliver Us the Moon is set to release later this year.

Check out the trailer below.