Seven Tips For Getting The Most out of Risk of Rain 2

Want to have a good run in Risk of Rain 2? You’ve come to the right place.

Here’s a handful of handy tips and tricks to implement in your next run through the game to help you be the best you can be.

Don’t Dilly-Dally

Time is of the essence in Risk of Rain 2: the difficulty increases dramatically as time goes on. Judge carefully whether it is quicker getting that last item or activating the teleporter.


If you can, activate blood shrines or combat shrines at the beginning of levels to get some quick cash to spend throughout the level instead of having to wait for enemies to spawn.

Movement is Key

Being able to heal from damage is great, but it is far better to avoid damage in the first place. This becomes more important as your run goes on; further into Risk of Rain 2, enemies will be able to one-hit-kill you. Having Goat Hooves or Energy Drinks is useful to ensure your safety as you strafe about.

Items Stack

Getting more than one of an item is usually better than having two of the same. While it still is important to be able to avoid enemies, stacking powerful items is brilliant. In my experience this is true for sticky grenades (more likely to appear and stick and do more damage), Bustling Fungus and gasoline. Item printers can make your run.

Enough is enough

There are some items that are great to have a number of, but having more than so many becomes redundant. This is because you get to their 100% effectiveness. Lens-Maker’s Glasses are really good as you do constant double damage with ten of them – but have than 10, and you can’t achieve any more. Stun grenades (while not that useful as they don’t work on bosses) are not useful after 20.

Hidden Treasure

On the fourth stage of Risk of Rain 2 – the one that looks like hell – there is always an expensive golden chest hidden in an alcove near the centre of the map on the floor. This chest always contains a red item. Certainly worth considering saving up for bas these items are powerful. Also if you have a rusty key then a little black lock box will appear on the stage – it’s a free item!

Bustling Fungus

The Engineer, if you have him in your party, should be given any Bustling Fungus you acquire. Bustling Fungus creates a healing circle around the character when they stay still for two seconds. It’s not wise for any character to stay still – they’ll get killed! However, all items that the Engineer picks up also apply to his turrets. This means turrets will get the effect of the fungus, and will deploy a small healing zone around their radius. It’s handy to run through when you’re low on health. The more Bustling Fungus, the bigger the heals and the bigger the area.

Cheeky Blood Shrine

If you have finished a level and have activated the teleporter, just as you phase out of the level hit a blood shrine if it is nearby. If you time this just right, your money will be saved for the next round.