Story Driven Car Sim Road to Guangdong is Now Available in Early Access

The lovely looking Road to Guangdong just launched into Steam Early Access.

In Road to Guangdong, you’re tasked with trying to keep your family’s cherished restaurant afloat by taking a road trip around China. Along the way, you’ll visit your friends and family members, convincing them of your worth. You’ll be driving your beloved and trusty car Sandy around, but she’s seen better days. As you trek around the countryside you’ll have to stop to refuel and continuously check on Sandy’s fuel consumption, tyre wear and engine condition.


You’ll play as Sunny, a young art graduate who has recently inherited the struggling family restaurant. On your journey, you’ll be joined by your Aunt Guu Ma. Separated by generations, your relationship with your ageing aunt will be tested on your road trip as you both work as hard as you can to save the family’s inheritance.

Road to Guangdong launched yesterday for the price of £11.99/$14.99 with a launch discount for its first week on Steam.

Check out the launch trailer below.