Taxi-Driving Noir Adventure Night Call is Coming to PC and Xbox in July

Taxi drivers sure have got it rough.

Developers Monkey Moon and Black Muffin and publisher Raw Fury have announced that the neo-noir narrative investigation game Night Call is headed to Steam and Xbox Game Pass for PC on July 17th as well as consoles later this year.

In Night Call you play as a taxi driver who has recently become the suspect of a murder because you were the last person to see the victim alive. During the game you’ll have to listen carefully for clues and info to help pinpoint who the killer is and clear your name.

We previewed the game, saying:

“Presented in a gorgeous black and white noir style, Night Call oozes intrigue from the very moment you start playing. It’s minimal in its presentation, with simple monochrome images and a navigational map of the streets of Paris, but it’s effective.”

In each playthrough, you’ll encounter multiple unique characters each carefully crafted with their own gripping stories. These meetings will help you to steer towards the identity of the killer on the loose, but tread carefully because you’ll have to ask all the right questions in order to get to the bottom of it.

You can read our full preview of the game here and check out the trailer below.