Two King of Fighters Characters Come to Dead or Alive 6

Two new characters have joined the fray in Dead or Alive 6.

Koei Tecmo Europe and Team Ninja announced the first two DLC characters that will be added to Dead or Alive 6. The two fighters are Mai Shiranui and Kula Diamond from The King of Fighters.

Both characters are part of the Dead or Alive 6’s season pass, but you can also purchase them individually. A special character and costumer bundle will also be available that includes both SNK favourites, complete with five outfits each for a discounted price.


Mai Shiranui, known as “The Alluring Ninja” is a kunoichi (female ninja) and the successor of the Shiranui style ninjutsu. Mai uses large fans as weapons, generating flames from attacks.

Kula Diamond, “The Ice Doll,” favours quick strikes and unexpected transitions to special attacks through the use of cancels. She can utilise ice in her assaults taking advantage of her frozen opponents.

Dead or Alive 6 is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC via Steam. You can grab the game on Amazon.