Visual Novel Raging Loop is Getting a Western Release on PS4 and Switch

A sinister mystery is afoot in a mountaintop settlement in the middle of nowhere.

PQube and developer KEMCO have announced that the psychological horror visual novel Raging Loop is releasing physically and digitally in Europe and North America for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 later this year.

Raging Loop is a tribute to an eerie Japanese folk tale. When graduate student Haruaki Fusaishi’s motorcycle breaks down in the middle of nowhere, he’s forced to venture out into the mountains to look for help.


What he finds is a young girl who invites him to Yasumizu, a small settlement. When Haruaki decides to stay for the night he begins to feel very unsettled and unwelcome in Yasumizu. When two corpses are found the next morning things begin to get more and more confusing, terrifying and mysterious.

Look out for Raging Loop coming later this year and check out the trailer below.