Where to Find Barrels in Forza Horizon 4 LEGO Valley

Forza Horizon 4 Barrels

Looking for barrels to smash in Forza Horizon 4‘s LEGO Speed Champions expansion? You’ve come to the right place for help.

LEGO Valley is fairly big, and chances are you’ve not seen many barrels laying around while you’ve been speeding from one point to another. There is one place where there’s an abundance of barrels, however, and it makes sense when you learn of it.

On the southern side of the beach in Forza Horizon 4‘s LEGO Valley, you’ll find a load of ships. Around them you’ll find treasure chests, sandcastles and yes, you’ve guessed it, barrels. They’re stacked up nicely for you to destroy, too. You can see what they look like in the header image above, but you know what barrels look like, surely?

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