Where to Find Tables in Forza Horizon 4 LEGO Valley

Forza Horizon 4 Tables

If you want to complete all of the challenges in the LEGO Speed Champions expansion for Forza Horizon 4, you’re going to need to smash 100 tables.

It sounds easier than it actually is. All those picnic benches that you see while driving around? Yeah, they don’t count, even though they are technically tables. The only tables that actually count in Forza Horizon 4‘s LEGO Valley are some very small ones that can be found in the town Brickchester in the centre of the map.

As you can see in the header image above, the tables are generally found on the pavement outside of buildings. They have cream coloured chairs and dark gray tabletops, and are often found in groups of two. You’ll find about twenty of them on the western side of Brickchester alone if you go around it slowly with a keen eye.

Once you’ve found all you can in Brickchester, you can quit and reload Forza Horizon 4 to make them appear again. That way you’ll have the challenge done in no time at all. Make sure you actually smash the tables though, as simply knocking them over doesn’t count. They need to be well and truly broken.

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