You Can Play World War 3 For Free This Weekend

Grab your friends, pick up those guns, and run over to World War 3 because it is going to be free to try very soon.

Farm 51 has announced a free weekend for its multiplayer FPS World War 3. The weekend will begin this Thursday, June 20th and will run until Sunday June 23rd.

After World War 3’s Warzone Giga-Patch, Farm 51 has said that it’s time to let the community see the full scope of changes that have happened between World War 3’s launch into early access and now.

Between June 20-23 players will be able to enjoy the game to its full potential. With access to the full catalogue of weapons, strikes, gadgets and equipment at their disposal. Players will also get a chance to try out one of the newest maps Polyarny in its Warzone variant.

Finally, World War 3 will be discounted to 40% off until June 24th. So if you like what you play during the free trial, you’ll have time afterwards to pick it up to keep.

And check out the trailer below.