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1Sapkowski’s Witcher novels are being adapted into a Netflix series

The Netflix adaptation of the Witcher series is set to release in late 2019. And this week, Netflix has shared a few new images to tease its audience. As you’d expect, they received quite the mixed reaction from the passionate fanbase.

Seeing as the Netflix Witcher adaptation will be based on Andrej Sapkowski’s novels, there will be differences between the games and the Netflix show. We’ve previously outlined 10 of the biggest changes you can expect to see between the Witcher games and the Netflix show.

There’s so much potential for a Witcher TV show, and we really hope the Netflix adaptation meets those expectations. Like a brilliantly played round of Gwent, we’ve placed down our 10 top cards on the table: click through to see the 10 things we most want to see from the Witcher Netflix adaptation.

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