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10 Things We Want to See From the Witcher Netflix Series

Sapkowski’s Witcher novels are being adapted into a Netflix series

The Netflix adaptation of the Witcher series is set to release in late 2019. And this week, Netflix has shared a few new images to tease its audience. As you’d expect, they received quite the mixed reaction from the passionate fanbase.

Seeing as the Netflix Witcher adaptation will be based on Andrej Sapkowski’s novels, there will be differences between the games and the Netflix show. We’ve previously outlined 10 of the biggest changes you can expect to see between the Witcher games and the Netflix show.

There’s so much potential for a Witcher TV show, and we really hope the Netflix adaptation meets those expectations. Like a brilliantly played round of Gwent, we’ve placed down our 10 top cards on the table: click through to see the 10 things we most want to see from the Witcher Netflix adaptation.

Geralt and Yennefer’s relationship

Throughout the Sapkowski novels there is a beautiful connection between Geralt and Yennefer. It’s a very unique bond, but it’s one that underpins much of the series, and Geralt’s character. These heights aren’t quite met in the Witcher games, but ‘The Last Wish’ side quest comes very close. It’s an incredibly moving story which perfectly portrays Geralt and Yennefer’s love.

Hopefully the Netflix adaptation for the Witcher can meet this expectation too. Geralt and Yennefer’s relationship is not a straightforward romance, and therefore it’ll be very challenging to portray, but hopefully Henry Cavill and Anya Chalotra will be able to succeed in this. If the romance between the two is presented well, it could make all the difference between a good series and a great series.

Ciri’s bond with Yennefer and Triss

Sadly, the Witcher games don’t quite do justice to just how poignant the relationship between Ciri, Yennefer and Triss is. Triss Merigold is the first woman to take care of Ciri while she is at Kaer Morhen, and this creates a unique bond that Ciri doesn’t even share with Geralt. It also matures Triss, who in most other circumstances is actually quite immature. The inclusion of this bond would be good for the portrayal of Ciri and Triss.

Likewise, Yennefer can come off as quite blunt, even despite her relationship with Geralt. Although, she is much more caring towards Ciri – just not at first. In fact, Ciri actually refers to Yennefer as her mother. This makes Yennefer seem like a more well-rounded character, and is very important for her portrayal.

If Dandelion be the music of success, then play on

Dandelion is one of the key characters in the Sapkowski novels, and is very likeable in the games too. The wandering bard constantly gets into problematic situations, and hopefully this continues in the Netflix adaptation. It would be fantastic to see Dandelion reciting his poetry and singing his ballads within the Witcher Netflix show.

In the books however, Dandelion plays a much more important role than this. He’s one of the only characters Geralt trusts, and some of the best conversations in the series happen between the two. Dandelion allows us to see another side to Geralt, and hopefully this will also be seen in the Netflix adaptation.

Beautiful Scenery

The Witcher games constantly show off some incredible settings. Whether it’s the bustling town of Novigrad, the eerie Grassy Knoll island, or the highly impressive Kaer Morhen, each location is visually stunning.

Hopefully the Netflix adaptation of The Witcher will shoot in areas which are just as visually stunning. The majority of the filming has taken place in Poland, which means there’s certainly the potential for this. All Witcher fans will want to see similar scenery to that from the games.

Moral Choices

From the very opening short story in Sapkowski’s saga, it was clear that morality would play a huge part in the series. The Witcher games have continued this trend through allowing the player to make decisions, some of which are incredibly difficult ethical dilemmas.

The Witcher Netflix show needs to build on this format to be able to capture the powerful theme of morality. It’s what sets The Witcher series apart from other similar fantasy franchises. Hopefully we are set to see Geralt make lots of difficult decisions, more than being a simple story of good versus evil.


Geralt does not always want to use his sword. At times, a simple conversation (or a forceful hint) are enough for Geralt to get his way. However, these methods do not always work, and Geralt is highly trained for these occasions.

We hope to see some fierce fighting scenes within the Netflix adaptation. There needs to be a lot of tension, and Cavill needs to be trained in how to make his fighting style look both realistic and deadly. Geralt needs to be shown as a real threat, and his sword skills are the main way to achieve this.

Side stories

The Witcher’s first series on Netflix will be eight episodes long. This may not seem like enough time to stray away from the main story for too long, but hopefully it’ll offer some opportunities. Both the novels and games have built their stories on the idea that Geralt is constantly taking on new contracts and quests.

As this is such a key aspect of the franchise, hopefully the Netflix series will continue this tradition. Don’t expect a whole episode to be devoted to a side story, but most episodes could include at least one additional storyline, one that adds something extra to the main plot.

Ensure there are fun moments

A lot of the Witcher novels and games are quite dark. Perhaps that’s not surprising: it is about killing monsters after all. But some of the best moments in the franchise come from the more positive moments. Some of Geralt’s conversations with the supporting characters are very light-hearted, and his on-stage acting in The Witcher 3 is particularly memorable.

Obviously, there’s going to be a lot of darker moments, but the Netflix show should not just focus on that. There are so many more upbeat moments from the franchise that are notable, and without these moments the series will lose a lot of its potential charm.

Include flashbacks

We know that Ciri will be younger in the Netflix adaptation than in The Witcher 3. This will mean that we get to see a different side to Ciri, one that is more present within the novels. But hopefully the Netflix series adds to this by including flashbacks to when Ciri was even younger, so that we can see how her bond developed with the other characters.

Furthermore, this could be a chance to delve more into the past of the other characters. Seeing as Sapkowski is involved in this adaptation, it would be great to see his vision of what Geralt’s upbringing was like. We could also see more of Yennefer’s past too. The Netflix series provides a great opportunity to delve more into each character’s backgrounds.

Fancy a game of Gwent?

Gwent is actually not included within the novels (pause for shocked silence). There is a moment in Baptism of Fire where a group of Dwarves play a card game called Barrel, but that’s as close as it gets.

However, seeing as Gwent is such a popular part of the Witcher games, it would be awesome to see it included. We don’t need a whole episode based on it, or even to see it being played for a long period of time, but a few short peeks at it being played would be a great little nod for all fans of the Witcher games.

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