4Come to Me if You Want to Loot

Plunderer’s Instinct (General Survivor Perk) – The auras of chests are revealed to you when standing within in a 16/24/32 metre range. Grants a considerably greater chance of at finding an item of higher rarity in chests.
Ace in the Hole (Ace Visconti Perk) – When retrieving an item from a chest there is a 100% chance that an add-on of very rare rarity or lower will be attached to it. 10/25/50% chance to find a second add-on of uncommon rarity or lower.
Up the Ante (Ace Visconti Perk) – For each other survivor still alive, grant a 1/2/3% bonus to luck to all remaining survivors.
Pharmacy (Quentin Smith Perk) – Searches through chests are 40/60/80% faster and the noises they cause along with their hearing distances are reduced by 8 meters. Pharmacy guarantees an emergency med-kit on your first completed chest search.

How To Use This Build: Players might like to use this Dead By Daylight survivor build if they’ve got an itchin’ for some sweet, sweet loot. Plunderer’s Instinct and Ace in the Hole will make it so that you know for sure the item you’re getting is going to be kick-ass. Up the Ante will give you a little extra luck and Pharmacy simply guarantees an awesome med-kit. Pharmacy can be swapped out for Self-Heal if you don’t want to bother with a med-kit.