Darksiders 3 Keepers of the Void DLC Now Available

Darksiders 4 Keepers of the Void

Ready to jump back into Darksiders 3? We hope you are, because its Keepers of the Void DLC is available now on all platforms.

In Keepers of the Void, Vulgrim has a new quest for you, one that will reward you handsomely upon completion. Via solving puzzles and battling an ancient threat, players won’t only unlock new weapons, but also the mighty Abyssal Armour. Need any more reason to pick it up? Check out the trailer for the DLC below.


Priced at £10.99/$12.99, Keepers of the Void is the second piece of DLC released for Darksiders 3. Along with the Crucible it completes the game’s season pass, which is available for £15.99/$19.99.

You can read our review of Darksiders 3, which we like a lot, right here. We’ll also have our impressions of Keepers of the Void up very soon.