Dead Rising 4 and More Announced for Xbox Game Pass

Dead Rising 4

Xbox Game Pass subscribers, both for console and PC, have got yet more games to look forward to playing this month. But that shouldn’t come as much of a surprise by now.

Eight new games have been announced for the service, five playable on Xbox One, and seven playable on PC.

Things kick off with Middle-earth: Shadow of War, My Time at Portia and Undertale arriving on Xbox Game Pass on 4th July. Middle-earth: Shadow of War and My Time at Portia will be available on both Xbox One and PC, while Undertale is PC only.


A week later, on 11th July, the rest of the games arrive. Blazing Chrome and Dead Rising 4 will be available on both Xbox One and PC, LEGO City Undercover will be available on Xbox One, and both Timespinner and Unavowed will be available on PC. It has to be said that there are some great games there, and Blazing Chrome will be releasing straight into Xbox Game Pass. If you like Contra, we have a feeling you’re going to love it.

We have reviews for Middle-earth: Shadow of War, My Time at Portia, UndertaleLEGO City Undercover and Unavowed, so give them a read if you want to find out more about what’s on offer. We’ll also have a review for Blazing Chrome next week.