Dragon Quest Builders 2: How to Collect Yellow Hearts Quickly

Wondering how to get more yellow hearts in Dragon Quest Builders 2? Here’s everything you need to know.

Within your bases on each island of Dragon Quest Builders 2, one of your main objectives is to collect yellow hearts. These are dropped by NPCs who are enjoying themselves; typically through completing a task they are suited to (but also sometimes for using the toilet… I guess we’re all suited to that in one way or another).

Most NPCs will have a red exclamation mark above their head at one point or another. This means that they have a quest for you. Quests can range from getting them a specific item to building them a specific room.


By completing these tasks in Dragon Quest Builders 2, more yellow hearts are likely to drop for you to collect. Each time a character uses the item you brought, or the room you build, another yellow heart will be dropped. Soon you’ll have enough to level up the base.

However, if you’ve been off exploring the island, the NPCs still go about their business (sometimes literally, sometimes metaphorically) and yellow hearts drop without you being there. These can take a long time to collect, especially if they’re spread out in different rooms.

A quick and easy way to collect all the dropped yellow hearts is to simply hit the bell on the island with your weapon. All the dropped yellow hearts will then be collected automatically.

This technique will allow you to travel and explore the islands in Dragon Quest Builders 2 without having to constantly worry about collecting the yellow hearts that have been dropped.

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