Dragon Quest Builders 2: How to Follow a Blueprint

In Dragon Quest Builders 2 blueprints need to be followed on specific builds. But they’re not always easy to follow. Here’s everything you need to know.

In order to open a Dragon Quest Builders 2 blueprint, stand in the area of the soon-to-be build, and press the option to open the blueprint.

This menu will show an outline of the building, and a list of the materials required. It’s probably a long list, but don’t worry about remembering everything that’s on there. Go to your workstation, and in the options, certain items will have a small white icon in the top of the image. This indicates they are required.


Once you have all your items, you’re ready to start building. Getting started is actually the toughest part of the process of following a blueprint in Dragon Quest Builders 2. You need to align your point of view with the area of the door (or another specific item in the room) in order to ensure the building layout and blueprint are at the same angle. This will make it easier for you to view what is required to build.

Then open the blueprint, and choose one specific item. This will highlight every area on the blueprint where that material is needed. For example, if you highlight wood, then all the parts built out of wood will be highlighted in red, making placement much more simple.

From there, add the specific items to the building layout. If you put a correct item down, you’ll hear a ‘ting’ sort of noise, and there’ll be a small blue light from the item for a moment. If you don’t get this, then the item is in the wrong place.

Follow this and your building will be created in no time, and will be spot on with the blueprint: something that’s very important within Dragon Quest Builders 2. 

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