Dragon Quest Builders 2: How to Learn New Builds and Recipes

Dragon Quest Builders
Dragon Quest Builders

Building and crafting is the lifeblood of Dragon Quest Builders 2. But not everything available to you straight away. Here’s how you unlock new builds and recipes.

On your way to becoming a master builder in Dragon Quest Builders 2, there’s a huge variety of rooms, weapons and items which can be created.

But the game doesn’t give much of a tutorial on how to make these new creations: the secret is in levelling up.

The easiest way to learn how to build new items is through levelling up your character. Each time you level up, you will learn a range of new creations, and what goes in to making them. Follow this guide on how to level up quickly in Dragon Quest Builders 2.

However, some builds need to be learned through specific characters. For example, you’ll learn how to make specific rooms, and their requirements, by accepting missions from characters at your base. The quicker you upgrade your base, the faster you’ll learn new builds. Follow our guide on how to level up your base in Dragon Quest Builders 2.

In no time you’ll be a true master builder, as long as you follow these steps.

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