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Exploration Puzzle Platformer Vane is Now Available on Steam

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This artistic adventure from Friend & Foe was previously exclusive to Playstation 4, but PC users can now explore the mysterious landscape of Vane following its release on Steam this week.

In Vane, you are able to shapeshift between the form of a bird and a human child in order to explore the mysteries of a barren desert landscape, and discover your destiny.

Developer Friend & Foe is an independent studio comprising of some of the talent who worked on The Last Guardian; and the two games do feel quite similar in their tone.

Vane was released on Steam this week for the full price of £14.99, but at the time of writing buyers can get 10% off and pay £13.49. Friend and Foe has also separately released the original Vane soundtrack, produced by Thomas Lilja, available either through the Steam Store or Bandcamp.

Artistic, atmospheric and beautiful, Vane is a game that PlayStation and PC users should definitely consider experiencing.

Vane is now available on Steam.

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