Fading Embers, the New DLC For This War of Mine, is Coming in August

This War of Mine is getting a new update soon, and it’s set to make things even more harrowing than before.

You can’t throw a digital stone without hitting at least a platoon of war stories in gaming. They’re usually all about shooting the enemy in the face. However, there are a few which try to portray the horrors of war, rather than the perceived glories.

This War of Mine is one of those games that does so with aplomb, simultaneously being both incredibly compelling, and uniquely terrifying. The original game puts you in control of a few survivors as they try to avoid being shot down, or starving to death.


Despite the game originally coming out nearly five years ago, it’s about to get a brand-new piece of DLC called Fading Embers. Rather than focus on a group, Fading Embers puts you in the shoes of Anja. She is trying to survive in the same way as everyone else, but she’s also trying to figure out which is more important: the survival of human legacy, or the survival of a man.

You can expect this to be a heavy experience, one in which each decision will be less about good and evil, and more about whether or not you’ll make it through the day. Perhaps the most interesting part of this DLC is that it will be more narrative-heavy than before. This could well translate into a more linear experience as a result, which is a good way to round out these extra stories.

You can pick up this new experience on August 6th across all of the platforms the game is already out on. It’s included in the Season Pass too, so if you’ve already got that, then you won’t even need to cough up any more money.