Fans of Metal Gear Solid V’s Quiet Might Like Spacelords’ Latest Character


Mercury Steam has unveiled the latest playable character for its free-to-play shooter Spacelords, and there’s a surprise in store for fans of Metal Gear Solid V‘s Quiet.

Stefanie Joosten, the Dutch actress and model who lent her image and voice to bring Quiet to life, has worked with the Spacelords developer to create the character Sööma. You can see the results for yourself via the trailer below.


Part of the ancient and secretive Algia Creed, Sööma journeyed to the Broken Planet in order to spread the word of the Great Red Worm Fëhb. After growing disenchanted by the greed and ruthlessness of the human colonisation of the Broken Planet, however, she has decided to join the infamous Raiders. Being a Pain Priestess, we’re sure they’re happy for her support.

Previously known as Raiders of the Broken Planet before going free-to-play, if you haven’t yet tried Mercury Steam’s Spacelords why not see what it’s all about? It’s available to download for free on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.