Hero Express is a Fun, Retro-Styled Trials

Hero Express 1 (1)

I love RedLynx’s Trials games.

Anyone can pick them up and enjoy them, yet those who put in the time to master their mechanics will eke hours of additional gameplay out of them. And while they are seriously competitive, they’re permeated with humour. Simply put, Trials games are just fun to play. Being a pro at them requires serious skill, but everyone can have a huge amount of fun with them.

There’s now a Trials-like game available on Xbox One, Switch and PC that’s even more accessible, however, and it has a superhero spin. Its name is Hero Express.

Available for the low price of just £4.49/$4.99, Hero Express is a bit of a steal. It’s a physics-based 2D driving game in which you need to race to the rescue a hero battling numerous monsters besieging a wide range of environments. Though unlike Trials, you’re put in control of numerous cars, not bikes.

Each stage in Hero Express has its own vehicle to offer you, as well as new scenery and challenges. Like Trials, however, success relies on throttle control. You’ll not want to speed like a maniac in case you land in a pool of water, cutting your run short. Also, you’re constantly running out of fuel, so landing poorly on a hill might make you lose valuable time that could mean the difference between success and failure.

Hero Express 3 (1)

The truth is though, that it’s pretty much impossible for you to complete one of Hero Express‘ levels on your first try; your vehicle just won’t have the power and grip. To secure victory, you’ll need to make multiple runs, collecting cash pick ups and reaching new waypoints, which also provide cash bonuses. Then, upon defeat, you’re given the chance to spend the cash you’ve earned on upgrades. Upgrade your vehicle enough, and your chances of success are noticeably improved.

Even with a fully-upgraded vehicle, however, Hero Express isn’t a cakewalk. Environmental hazards such as trash cans and coconuts hinder your attempts whether your vehicle flies like the wind or not, and some of the levels are truly fiendish. Even when you’ve failed for the 20th time though, you’ll want to jump right back in and try again. Honestly, it’s fiendishly addictive.

Its physics may have you raising an eyebrow at times, but with 11 levels for you to overcome and wonderfully bright 2D graphics, Hero Express is well worth checking out. Its low price is simply the icing on an already tantalising cake.