How Long Does it Take to Beat Wolfenstein: Youngblood?

Wolfenstein Youngblood 2 (1)

With Wolfenstein: Youngblood released at a budget price, you might be wondering how much gameplay it offers.

The answer is, it heavily depends on how you play the game.

With a wide range of difficulties available, if you put Wolfenstein: Youngblood on its easiest setting and charge straight though its main campaign you might see the credits roll within eight hours. Players who do so will be missing out on much of what the game to offer though.

Thanks to Wolfenstein: Youngblood‘s levelling system and upgradeable weapons, it’s beneficial to complete side missions in order to obtain experience and money. There are also daily and weekly challenges to complete, and impromptu tasks to take care of while exploring. Taking all those things into consideration, players who seek to complete all of the main and side missions in Wolfenstein: Youngblood should expect about 15 hours of gameplay.

Those who wish to fully complete the game, however, obtaining all of its achievements or trophies, have a grave task on their hands. They’ll need to find every collectable, obtain every skill, and master every weapon. That’s likely to take tens of hours. At least the game can be played in co-op though, which relieves the grind a little.

So, all in all, most players should expect to get at least ten hours of fun out of Wolfenstein: Youngblood, which isn’t too bad really.