Blurry PSVR: How to Focus Your PlayStation VR Headset

Have you got a PSVR but are finding it a bit blurry? Here’s how to focus it and get a better picture.

The PlayStation VR is a great bit of kit. For less money than most of the competition it lets you experience the wonders of virtual reality, explore strange worlds and scream when your cat brushes itself against your feet. But the PSVR’s picture can be a bit blurry sometimes, so here’s how to focus and tweak your headset.

First, know the headset’s limitations. PSVR games run at a lower resolution than ordinary PlayStation 4 games so they’re never going to look super sharp. Skyrim VR will never look quite as good as Skyrim played on your television, for example.

You may also see white specks when the screen is black; turning down the brightness from the Settings > Devices > PSVR menu may help but this will always be there to some extent.

Next, it’s worth trying to adjust the PSVR to your eye distance. To do this, go to Settings > Devices > Playstation VR > Measure Eye-to-Eye Distance and follow the instructions.

Wipe your Playstation VR headset’s lenses with a dust-free, lens cleaning cloth. One comes with the PSVR but if you’ve lost it most glasses-cleaning cloths will do. The PSVR lenses can accumulate moisture from your breath so giving them a wipe before and after use should help get rid of blur.

Once you’ve put the headset on, you can use the button on the visor to move the visor backwards and forwards. Using the text on the PlayStation 4 main menu is a good test: you’re trying to make it as sharp as you can.

You can also try turning the headband tightness button on the rear of the headset, but it doesn’t make a huge difference.

The biggest key focusing your PSVR is making little adjustments; there’s no single focus button like there is on a digital camera. So don’t automatically shove the visor right up to your face; it’s okay if you can see a bit of the floor, you won’t be concentrating on it when you’re playing a game.

Instead, hold the visor in both hands and slowly move it up and down, forward and backwards. It’s not going to fall off and the slightest adjustment can make a big difference.

Once the text on the PlayStation 4 menu is sharp (there may always be some text glow) keep going, until it gets blurry again. Then, go back until it’s sharp again. Altering how it rests on your nose can me a difference.

You’ll have to make these adjustments each time you put on your headset, but with time it should become second nature. Enjoy!