How to Increase Your HP in Dragon Quest Builders 2

Dragon Quest Builders 2 (1)

While building and crafting is a huge part of Dragon Quest Builders 2, it’s not the game’s only facet.

You’ll also find yourself fighting a range of enemies, and to succeed in that you’re going to need a lot of HP. Here’s how to increase the amount of HP you have.

Combat within Dragon Quest Builders 2 is fairly simple, but the lack of technique available can also make it a button-masher.

Typically, when going up against a strong enemy, you’re going to lose HP pretty quickly. Therefore, having a lot of HP becomes very important. There are two main ways to boost the HP of your character, and both will help tremendously.

Firstly, every time you level, up you gain HP. This is the most common way to gain HP, but levelling up can be challenging in Dragon Quest Builders 2. For more information, follow our guide on how to level up quickly.

Secondly, throughout Dragon Quest Builders 2‘s different islands you’ll be able to find treasure chests hidden away. Some of these chests reveal an item called a Golden Seed. Eating a Golden Seen will increase your maximum HP by up to 5.

Increasing your HP will make fighting tougher enemies much easier, as you’ll be able to withstand more of their attacks.

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